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Aphasia Expert Series

Aphasia is an acquired language disorder that results from a neurological event, such as a stroke or brain injury. While aphasia does not impact intelligence, it does make it difficult to understand speech and written words. It also impacts the ability for people to express themselves using speech and writing.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) for aphasia means finding ways for people with aphasia and their conversation partners to use communication supports like pictures, drawings, and rating scales to interact in meaningful conversation and recover speech and language skills.

This collection of interviews includes discussions with Tobii Dynavox clinical experts and experts from the larger aphasia community on using AAC for people with aphasia. Hear from our experts Erin Levy, Stephanie Ekis, Elizabeth Bahr, Dr. Sarah Wallace, and Dr. Aimee Dietz on topics ranging from defining aphasia, overcoming barriers to AAC and Aphasia, using the Tobii Dynavox Snap software for Aphasia, and research and resources to support communication for people with aphasia.

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