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AAC at School

Do you have a student who needs support to communicate and learn? Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) might be the answer. Any child whose daily communication needs are not met by natural speech including young children who are delayed in their
speech development may benefit from AAC.

AAC can include low-tech and high-tech supports. Low-tech communication tools and strategies include non-electronic supports such as a symbol-based communication boards, communication books, and more. High-tech AAC can include the use of tablets with communication software, or specialized devices that are similar to computers.

When you are first starting out with an AAC device, there are some tips that will help your student use AAC more effectively. Start by modeling the AAC system for your student. AAC learners need to see someone communicate using an AAC system. Do this by pointing to words as you talk with your student. Do not model every single word, just point to the important words as you say them. Learn more about modeling and other tips for getting started with AAC by watching our videos and webinars.

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