Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get started?

On the Learning Hub Homepage, when you click on the Login button, you’ll be taken to our Tobii Dynavox Single Sign-On (SSO) page. Here you can log in with your existing SSO account used to access one of our other sites or you can create a new SSO account. For instructions on how to log in using your existing SSO account, or how to create a new SSO account, click here.

For information on the basic navigation of the Learning Hub, refer to this user guide.

For more resources and user guides, check out this page.

What courses are currently available? Where can I view all the Learning Hub course offering?

The Learning Hub course offerings are listed on both Tobii Dynavox and Boardmaker websites. New courses will be added every month.

What are ASHA CEUs?

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized standard unit of measurement for participation in a continuing education (CE) course.

One ASHA CEU is defined as 10 contact hours of participation in an organized CE experience offered by a provider, excluding meals and breaks. The contact hour is defined as 1 clock hour (60 minutes) of interaction between a learner and instructor or between learner and materials that have been prepared to facilitate learning. ASHA CEUs can also be awarded in half-hour increments.

For more information on ASHA CEUs, visit

How do my ASHA CEUs get reported to the ASHA CE Registry?

If you are a member of ASHA and would like Tobii Dynavox to report your completed coursework to the ASHA CE Registry, you must indicate your preference in the Learning Hub System. The system will provide instructions for you to do so. Please make sure to provide accurate information when being asked by the system.

Who tracks the number of ASHA CEUs that I have earned?

Tobii Dynavox maintains a transcript of CE activities completed on our Learning Hub. To view or download your transcript, follow the steps in this user guide.

Note: This is not an official ASHA CE Registry transcript. The ASHA CE Registry maintains transcripts for eligible ASHA members who have satisfactorily completed an ASHA registered continuing education activity, provided their ASHA number, indicated they want ASHA CEUs to be reported to ASHA, and paid their annual ASHA CE Registry fee to ASHA. Tobii Dynavox cannot verify whether you are enrolled in the ASHA CE Registry or the number of ASHA CEUs recorded on your ASHA transcript. Tobii Dynavox only maintains a transcript of CE activities completed on our Learning Hub. Contact ASHA directly with any questions regarding your ASHA CE Registry.

I need special accommodations to access this course. What should I do?

Tobii Dynavox is committed to providing equal opportunities to all participants. If you need a disability-related accommodation, please contact We will review your request and respond as soon as able.

How do I complete a course in the Learning Hub to earn ASHA CEUs?

View the entire presentation at your own pace. At the end of each course, you will complete a 5-10 question final quiz. You are required to achieve a minimum score of 80% to pass the quiz. You have additional opportunities to re-take the quiz as needed. Following successful completion of the quiz, you are required to take a brief survey. Once you have completed the course, you will be able to download your Certificate of Completion. For instructions on how to download your Certificate(s) of Completion, click here.

If you have indicated that you want Tobii Dynavox to report your coursework to ASHA in the Learning Hub, make sure that all information on your user profile page including your ASHA number is accurate.

Tobii Dynavox will electronically report satisfactory completion of your coursework to the ASHA CE Registry when the above instructions are followed.

When will my CEU credits appear on my ASHA CE Registry?

If you have registered for ASHA CEUs in a course, Tobii Dynavox will submit the information to ASHA quarterly. After it's reported to ASHA, please allow up to 45 days for your completed course to appear on your ASHA CE Registry.

What are the badges and points in the system?

The Learning Hub allows learners to earn badges and points for activities including course completions. This is the first step to build a more gamified experience for our learnings in the Learning Hub. Stay tuned as we look to develop this further in the future.

Can I use the Learning Hub on my iPad or Mac computers? Why does it give me "your session has expired" message when I’m actively using it in the Safari web browser?

Yes, the Learning Hub can be used on any Windows-based or iOS-based computers, laptops, and tablets. The best browser to use is Google Chrome. If you are using Apple Safari, make sure to turn off the "Prevent cross-site tracking" option. To do this –

  • On your Mac, in the Safari app, choose Safari > Preferences, then click Privacy. Uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking."
  • On your iPad, go to General settings > App > Safari > Privacy. Toggle off the "Prevent cross-site tracking" option.