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Boardmaker 7 Implementation Ideas (Flash 15) (6F402)

This course is a collection of recorded implementation videos from the Flash 15 series. Watch a quick video to learn how to use a feature in Boardmaker 7. Then see how Ali and Linsey implement the feature into a fun Boardmaker activity. Check back frequently for new implementation ideas.

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Disclaimer: Tobii Dynavox is continuously improving so there may be slight differences between your experience and our training materials.
  • Implementation Videos
  • NEW - The Boardmaker Community - Wearable Core Board
  • NEW - The Boardmaker Community - Create Edit & Use Playground Sign, CVI Friendly
  • NEW - Moveable Buttons - Cleaning a Bedroom, Pack for a Picnic, Winter Holiday
  • NEW - Create from a Print Template - Lantern Craft & News Year's Goal Writing
  • NEW - Create from a Print Template - School Bingo & AAC Awareness Month Book
  • Create from a Print Template - Regulation Support & Find the Object
  • Create from a Print Template -Apron, Summer Game, Flag Bingo, Winter Writing
  • NEW - Create from an Interactive Template - Counting & Patterns
  • NEW - Create from an Interactive Template - Writing, Attendance, & Calendar
  • Create from an Interactive Template - Labeling, Matching, Bingo, & Sorting
  • NEW - Properties Panel - Dual Language Modifications, Adapted Book
  • Properties Panel - Note Home, Song Poster & Self Monitoring Checklist
  • Properties Panel - Spooky Stamping, Core First Communication Book, Lorax
  • Add Content to Buttons - Boardmaker Idea Book
  • Add Content to Buttons -1st Day of School, Spring Stamping, & Hanukkah
  • Add Multiple Symbols to a Button - Weekly Schedule & Pumpkin Activities
  • Add Actions to Buttons - Fun Activity
  • New Page from a Template - Behavior Bundle, Word Builder & Holiday Activities
  • Symbolate - Pizza Recipe
  • Managing User Settings - Sign Language Go Togethers
  • Supports for Low Vision and Blind Learners - Adapted Books
  • Using A Hotspot - Bathroom Visual Scene
  • The Symbol Panel - Create a Word Search
  • Create from a Blank Canvas - Holiday Cards
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