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There are two ways to get a free trial of TD Snap depending on your role with AAC. If you are parent, caregiver, or AAC user, you can request a free speaking trial through myTobiiDynavox. If you are a professional working with those who may benefit from using a communication software like TD Snap or Communicator 5, you can use the Tobii Dynavox Professionals program through myTobiiDynavox to request a free license of the software. Use this videos and guides to learn how.

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  • myTobiiDynavox
  • Set Up and Use Your myTobiiDynavox.com Account
  • Free Speaking Trial
  • TD Snap: Download the Free Speaking Trial for Windows
  • TD Snap: Download the Free Speaking Trial for iPad
  • Downloading TD Snap - Free Speaking Trial: Quick Guide
  • TD Snap for Professionals
  • TD Snap: Tobii Dynavox for Professionals - Windows
  • TD Snap: Tobii Dynavox for Professionals - iPad
  • Downloading TD Snap - Tobii Dynavox for Professionals: Quick Guide
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  • Resource Library
  • TD Snap Core First Resources
  • TD Snap Text Resources
  • TD Snap Scanning Resources
  • TD Snap PODD Resources
  • TD Snap Gateway Resources
  • TD Snap Aphasia Resources
  • TD Snap Motor Plan Resources
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